Ryanmax Fly Free Coral 40x20x25cm Cheeky Monkey


40x20x25cm. 19 Litres. 0.7Kg. Large front Velcro Pocket. 2 Large Internal pockets wit one zippered pocket. Cheeky Monkey Strong Elegant Piping.Pocket Stabilizer with Base Studs. Wide Comfort Adjustable 50cm Shoulder Strap. Stunning Coral.

40x20x25cm .  Under Seat Cabin Bag.  Stunning Design and Stunning Coral Color .  On Trend 2019 Styling

Travels Free Under Your Airline Seat .

Suitable For All Irish Airlines .

 40x20x25cm .   Cheeky Monkey . Coral  . 3 Pockets .   0.7Kg.

The Paul Frank Flight Bag not only looks great but, its 3 generously designed and spacious pockets provide huge amounts of storage space. There is no compromise on style with added branding, an eye catching colour scheme and accented piping.


Ryanmax Fly Free Cabin Bag  .  40x20x25cm .  Suitable For All Major Airlines  Small Free Allowances .

19 Litres . Messenger Bag .  Cheeky Monkey Styling From Paul Frank Design .

Really Stunning Layered  Soft Leather .  Excellent Bag For The Spanish Holidays .

3 pockets

Adjustable 50cm. Shoulder Strap

Zip entry .  Stud Feet  ,