Ryanmax Size Trolley Backpack 55x40x20cm Butterfly Navy 1.5Kg


55x40x20cm. 1.5Kg. Carries 10Kg. Full Allowance . Cabin Bag and Backpack!  Fully Collapsible. Telescopic,Top and Side Carry Handles. Airport Approved Quart Size Toiletry Bag. Carries 10Kg Comfortably. Silent Wheels. Strong Rip Stop Material .

Ryanmax Cabin Size Trolley Backpack .  55x40x20cm .  Next Day Delivery .

Carry On Board Cabin Trolley Backpack . 1.5Kg .  Butterfly Navy .

Trolley Backpack Carry On Board  . Overhead Seat Approved  For All Major Airlines .

2 Silent Wheels .

Suitable For All Irish Airlines .

55x40x20cm.  . 1.5 Kg.

Carries 10Kg . Full Allowance

Carry On Board Trolley Cabin Bag and Backpack.

Fully Collapsible Space Saver.

Telescopic, Top and Side Carry Handles.

Airport Approved Quart Size Toiletry Bag.

2 Silent Wheels.  Strong Rip Stop Material.

Free  With All Jeteasy Travel Bags – Approved Plastic Transparent Toiletry Bag .