Shaik Deluxe 8Wheel Suitcase Set Elegant Purple


Strong Elegant Anthracite. 3 pieces suitcase set sturdy yet flexible hard shell. Heavy duty zips. 8 rotating wheels up to 360⁰. Expandable TSA Lock. Double Easy Glide 8 wheels on all cases. Highly recommended for all age groups. Built to last. Next Day Delivery On All Travel Bags .

SHAIK SERIES Razzer TSA LOCK Trolley Suitcase 3 sizes M L XL Set

THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: We know. You are a casual traveler and you are in need for sturdy luggage that is going to protect all of your belonging no matter what. We have what you need- our 3 pieces suitcase set is going to blow your minds off, thanks to the sturdy yet flexible hard shell which is never going to crack. The heavy-duty zipper is going to serve you for a lifetime, no matter how many times you’ll need to open up and close your luggage!

TRAVEL WITH THE REST OF THE FAMILY: Exactly- thanks to our 3pieces set you can have the same travel accessories with the rest of the family members. Our spacious suitcases are going to fit everything you need- as the medium features 50, the large sized 80 and the x-large one 120 liters capacity in order to store all of your valuables with care! Buy as many souvenirs as you like- they’re going to be stored with care!

CARRY IT WITH EASE: Yeah- now you can actually carry this suitcase around the international airports without having a single care in this world. Thanks to 4 wheels featured in each suitcase which can rotate up to 360?, you can carry as many kilos as you want without feeling your hands bulky- what else do you need?

EXPAND YOUR LIMITS: If a big trip is coming over and you’re afraid that there’s no luggage that could fit all of your stuff, then we reassure you that our suitcases are going to serve you no matter what. Due to the expansion fold , you can make your luggage 25% bigger- carry everything you need without any hassle!

Padded adjustable straps

TOP-NOTCH SECURITY: TSA LOCK perfect if you travel to USA . OK. Everybody has been through that awkward moment that he/she needs to visit the toilet while being at the airport and has none to take care of his/her luggage. Save your peace of mind once and forever- a locking mechanism with numbers has been integrated to each suitcase for your ultimate protection! Put your password and leave your bag without supervision without worrying a bit!