Ryanair Maximum 4Wheel Size Cabin Bag 55x40x20cm 2.8Kg Charcoal


55x40x20cm .  Lightweight  2.8Kg  .   Strong ABS Hard Shell Protection . 4 Silent Spinner Wheels .   360 Degree .   Retractable Adjustable Handle.  Attachable 3 Digit Combination Barrel Lock  .   Elegant And Reserved Charcoal Color With Protective Ridges  . Telescopic Handle With Adjustable Heights .   All Jeteasy Bags Come With A Free Airline Hygiene Pack That Includes A Travel Mask Gloves and a TSA Quart Toiletry Bag .  Two Restraining Straps . Top Grab Carry Handle  Carries 10 Kg. Comfortably .  Next Day An Post Delivery On All Jeteasy Bags Backpacks And Fly Free Bags . Relax To The Max . 5 Piece Airport Airline Cabin Hygiene Pack Includes Mask , Gloves and TSA Quart Size Toiletry Bag . Never lose or drop your mask again includes Face Mask Lanyard !

4 Wheel Ryanmax Size Cabin Bag  .    2.8Kg Hard Shell Cabin Bag  .  Travel With The Maximum Allowance .  55x40x20cm . Exceptionally Elegant Charcoal Colour . Carries 10Kg .

 Includes Five Piece Hygiene Pack With Mask , Mask Lanyard ,  Approved Toiletry Bag , Gloves & Hand Sanitizer Sachet 

Maximum Ryanair Carry On Board Overhead Cabin Allowance  .  55x40x20cm .  Suitable For All Major Airlines .

55x40x20cm .   Carry On Board Overhead Cabin Bag . 4 Wheels .  Hard Shell . 2.8Kg .  Refined & Elegant  Charcoal  . 

Suitable Lightweight 4 Wheel Spinner Suitable For All Major Airlines Flying From Ireland .

Multi Directional 4 Wheel Cabin Bag  .   55x40x20cm  .  ABS Hard Shell  . Attachable 3 Digit Lock !

Adjustable Handle Heights .   Top Carry Handle .

55x40x20cm .  2.8Kg .  Restraining Packing Straps .

The PERFECT  Full Size Carry On Board Maximum Size For Ryanair  55x40x20cm .

Lightweight, Strong ABS Hard Shell Protection . Double  Zip Closure .

4 Spinner Wheels .  4 Wheel Easy Push  .  360 Degree Easy Mover .

Retractable Handle .   Comes With Attachable 3 Digit Combination Barrel Padlock  !

Next Day Delivery On All Jeteasy Cabin Bags Backpacks And Fly Free Bags

All Jeteasy Bags Come With A  TSA Quart Toiletry Bag . Gloves and Travel Mask .

Next Day An Post Delivery .