CabinMax 55x35x20cm Backpack Melbourne Twill

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55x35x40cm backpack. UV-coated twill. Faux Suede. Neoprene Red Stitching details. Lockable 38 litre compartment. Split interior compartments, breathable netting divider. Internal compression system. D-Ring elasticated rail. 3 internal pockets.

Melbourne Advanced Flight & Travel Backpack 55x35x20cm .

Carry On Board Cabin Backpack

Cabin approved 55x35x20cm flight and travel backpack

Primary materials: UV-Coated Twill And Stunning Faux Suede

Neoprene and Red Stitching details

Lockable 40 Litre Main Compartment

Split interior compartments with breathable netting divider

D-Ring and elasticated rail for clipping accessories to

Secret pocket at base of rear panel

Contains RFID Safe Pocket .  Ultra Modern Chic Design.